Our training offering

At Eltham Tri we have members competing in many events during the year; from duathlons (Run/Cycle/Run) and short ‘fun’ triathlons, all the way through to the extreme Ironman distance races and challenging open water swims. We know that not everyone will necessarily want to tackle an Ironman triathlon and not everyone will have aspirations of standing on the podium at the end of a race, BUT most of us (probably all of us) triathletes have a goal. We are out there training and competing in order to achieve that goal – that’s mostly what it’s all about!

To support our members in achieving their goals we recognise that its important to ensure that our they have access to a range of challenging and rewarding training sessions. While the Club runs a number of coached sessions, its simply not possible for us to meet every triathlete’s full training needs with Club-delivered training sessions. For this reason, we’ve opted for a blended, practical approach to support our members training needs.

Club sessions

Firstly, we are very fortunate to have some highly credentialed, talented, respected and energetic coaches within our club and we support them in running training sessions for our members; swim sessions, cycle (and brick), and runs. Club sessions are subsidised by the club and are available to members-only for a very modest fee (some sessions are even completely free!).

Partnered sessions

We also have many partnerships and sponsors in the triathlon and fitness community and through these we gain access to other great training offers that supplement the Club sessions and are available at a negotiated discount for our members. Details of these sessions are included on our training sessions page.

Peronalised training programs

For those triathletes who need more, we have a number of professional and certified coaches within the club and that are always happy to offer members the benefit of their personalised coaching services. For more details or to get connected with a coach, drop us a line.

Informal sessions

There are also groups of members training together at various other times such as swim sessions at Watermarc and regular weekend rides that provide an opportunity to do a longer session and build on your endurance. These rides are also a great time to catch up with your fellow Eltham Tri members and chat about training, racing and goals etc. -the sort of stuff that might put your non-triathlete friends to sleep.

Join our social networks to keep in touch with what’s going on around the club. Details of weekend rides are posted on facebook each Friday.


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