Why us?

Being a member of the Eltham Tri club is awesome! Not only is it challenging and fun participating in the sport of triathlon but its better still when you have the opportunity to train and race in the company of other enthusiastic, friendly, and like-minded people.

We recently asked our members what they most enjoy about Eltham Tri and they made it pretty clear that high on their list are the training sessions – they've told us that they find they push themselves harder and see some great results when training in a coached session with other triathletes – not to mention the friendly and supportive environment. Our members also love the atmosphere and the community that forms around our club marquee on race days. The marquee is a great place to meet up and chat prior to the race and to forget about those pre-race butterflies in your stomach while you get prepared for the event. And when the race is over, it's all about swapping race stories, whether they're about the challenging conditions on the day, personal performances (we can hope for a PB though on occasion, things can seem to conspire against us in the actual race), or maybe there's even a tale to tell about a close encounter with an over-zealous Technical Official on the bike leg. (Not that any of our members ever intentionally draught).

But wait, there's more! No, there're no steak knives BUT we do get access to some fantastic club gear to train and race in and to ease the burden on your credit card, the cost of most of our gear is subsidised by the Club. Its important to note that we're not running a 'for profit' business. We collect a fee from you to join the club and to maintain your membership each year and guess what? You got it. Every cent goes into doing and providing stuff that makes it worthwhile for you to be a member of Eltham Tri.

If Eltham Tri sounds like it could be for you, then you should continue to read on to learn more about our membership package and how to join. Or you can contact us for more information if you don't find what you're looking for on our website.

We look forward to seeing you at a training session or at an event real soon.

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