Eltham Tri Race 2 – 15 Dec 2019 Results

An amazing turnout for our second club race for the season, with 18 adults and 23 kids participating across the 4 distances.

Congratulations to the 3 adults and 6 kids who obtained PB’s, showing some significant improvements from Race 1!

Below are the results of all participants, for the use of working on your personal bests over the remaining races this season. We hope you all had as much fun as we did!

Adults handicapped race

NameExpected timeOfficial timeBest overall time
Fed Stein1:03:301:12:301:12:30
Andres Stein1:03:301:04:101:04:10
Greg Downie1:01:3058:2058:20
Leo Silver57:0548:2648:26 – New PB!
Mick Bottomley53:0046:5546:55
David Tyndall52:4049:5549:55
Allisha Oxley49:4050:3750:37
Matthias Goss 48:0045:1545:15
Kat Behan47:4949:0747:49
Leigh Murphy45:00DNF
Tyler Murphy45:0052:3752:37
Jarrod Magann44:0443:1043:10 – New PB!
Johnny G44:0048:0648:06
Barry Warwick43:4443:3643:36
Nestor Ochoanrivera 42:30 41:26 41:26
Steve Carroll 41:1340:2540:25 – New PB!
Sean De Morton36:0037:5737:57
Lori MillsDNS DNS

Kids short course

NamePrevious timeOfficial timeBest time
Sophie Clare9:409:40
Ergenija KuticDNS
Taj Luscombe11:449.319:31 – New PB!
Hayley McNeil11:1311:3011:13
Mae Goss10:0910:09
Evie Murphy Scannel12:1212:12

Kids Medium course

NamePrevious timeOfficial timeBest time
Thomas Bloodworth14:0014:00
Amelie Bonaccorso13:3813:38
Thomas Davey13:3013:30
Sophie MillsDNS
Mia Luscombe13:5412:3512:35 – New PB!
Mischa Whitmore14:4413:2013:20 – New PB!
Gilbert Gowan12:1512:15
Finn Goss15:1915:19
Charlee Doherty12:4512:45
Xavier Anderson18:2517:3217:32
Wil De Morton31:3031:30
Ky Murphy Scannel14:1514:15

Kids Long Course

NamePrevious timeOfficial timeBest time
Jacob Clare30:4530:45
Kyann Luscombe31:1029:1529:15 – New PB!
Oscar Whitmore30:1528:4528:45 – New PB!
Ferg Gowan32:15DNF32:15
Grace McNeill35:2130:3430:34 – New PB!

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