Eltham Tri Race 1 – 27 Oct 2019 Results

Our first club race for the FY 19/20 season was a roaring success, with 19 kids and 20 adults joining for a fun afternoon. Below are the results of all participants, for the use of working on your personal bests over the remaining races this season. We hope you all had as much fun as we did!

Adults handicapped race

NameExpected timeOfficial time
Trudy Reid-McPhee55:40:0052:08:00
Rasma Ertl47:20:0052:20:00
Ingrid Vanessa Reyes Triana51:25:001:05:11
Katrina Morrow49:00:0047:51:00
Pat Bucca48:04:00DNF
Leo Silver58:00:0057:05:00
Barry Warwick45:04:0043:44:00
Nat Gowan47:00:0048:10:00
Kevin Green42:40:0046:35:00
Kat Behan46:30:0047:49:00
Liam O’Neill44:45:0046:35:00
Mike Gowan46:30:0044:20:00
Marty Berriman43:30:0046:24:00
Damian Eley39:30:0042:10:00
Cam Simons37:45:0042:45:00
Jarrod Magann38:40:0044:04:00
Tyson Morley44:00:0047:50:00
Steve Carroll38:25:0041:13:00
James Stevens37:30:0042:45:00
Luke Whitmore34:15:0036:55:00

Kids short course

NameRace numberOfficial time
Mitchell Stevens18:38
Chris Simon1610:06
Phillippa Ward49:07
Finn O’Neill510:40
Jack O’Neill615:59
Taj Ludscombe1111:44
Hayley Mcneill1411:13
Kynan Scannell1811:12

Kids Medium course

NameRace numberOfficial time
Mischa Whitmore1314.44
Lavinia Ward312.01
Xavier Anderson1718.25
Mia Ludscombe1013.54
Hollie Steven2DNF
Angus Heppleston1913.53

Kids Long Course

NameRace numberOfficial time
Oscar Whitmore1230:15:00
Fergus Gowan732:15:00
Gilbert Gowan8DNF
Kyann Luscombe931:10:00
Grace Mcneill1535:21:00
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