Eltham Tri Race 1 21 March 2021 – Results

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our first club race for the 2020/21 season. We had an absolute blast cheering you all on and enjoying a fun-filled afternoon in the rain.


NamePredicted TimeElapsed timeHandicapOfficial time
Felip De Paoli59:0059:43059.43
John Manser (2nd)55:0058:394:0054:39
Ann Rust (3rd)51:1059:296:5052:39
Daniel Staubli48:0059:5211:0048:52
Tarryn Whitmore47:15101:1511:4549:45
Sean Watson45:401:01:2013:1448:04
Mick Bottomly45:45101:5913:1448:45
Leo Silver45:001:00:2413:5447:34
Mike McGowan44:201:00:5514:3446:21
Barry Warwick43:3659:3215:1444:18
Liam O’Neill43:361:03:0515:1447:23
Jarrod Magann43:101:00:4615:4045:06
Craig Cassidy42:3059:0916:2043:51
Andrew Luscombe40:3058:5818:2040:38
Steve Carroll40:25101:1118:2540:46
Luke Whitmore (1st)40:2558:0218:2539:42

Kids – Short Course

NameFinish time
Emma StrachanDNF
Ava Staubli11:36
Mitchell Stephens10:30

Kids – Medium Course

NameFinish time
Ben Strachan17:08
Gilbert McGowan11:13
Parker Diffey12:56
Spencer Conway12:30
Ryan Bhandari14:58
Mischa Whitmore14:26
Sarah Cassidy14:02
Taj Luscombe14:58

Kids – Long Course

NameFinish Time
Fergus McGowan31:46
Taj Luscombe32:00
Oscar WhitmoreDNF
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